Happy Halloween


Q- What is that picture above? 

A- It’s the foundation dug for our house, and if you look carefully you will see it was built on an ancient burial site.  Install the ARHouse.APK, launch it and point it at the image you will see what the house would look like if we didn’t remove all of the remains.


The above app is available for Android only at this time.

Once the ARHouse.APK is installed, launch the app and pointyour phone at the image at the top of this page. 

Once the ARHouse.APK is installed, launch the app and pointyour phone at the image at the top of this page. 

The app is only available from my Dropbox account. Launch it from your Android phone and it will install.

This website explains the process:


I will be in front of the house on Halloween during trick and treat hours with a few Android devices, so stop on by. 

Q- So what about that game where you shoot ghosts and blow up your house?

A- The House Game:  It still exists, but has a few hurdles to cross before it is ready for the general public. If you remember last year it rained, and the only way the game can be played is on a pretty powerful computer, hooked up to a video projector, a customized gun controller, and infrared lights. Rain and all the technology do not play well together.  Without getting all technical, one major issue is the alignment of the game play and the structure it is projected on. The need for an alignment process falls into the area of computer vision and Augmented Reality (AR). So I started trying to retrofit the house demo to work with a new engine. That process throws away 90% of all the work done on the demo. Ouch right?

Q- Did you make that dinosaur, if so why?

A- Yep, I want to make the stuff that I dreamt of when I was a kid. As a kid your ideas are bigger than your ability, 40 years or so later, my ability caught up to the ideas I had when I was 10. For more info on building the dino go to Community Projects on this site.

This Year: While working in AR I came up with the idea of an AR enhanced House. You download an App, install it, and point it at my house and… well, "something happens". So if all works as planned you will see a QR code in front of my house that will point you to a free App to install. The App only works on Android right now.  Once installed, stand in front of the house and point your phone at the big flower on the front porch. The flower will trigger the AR scene.  Feel free to walk up to the house and onto the porch to get your phone to trigger the AR. 

There are so many phones with different settings, it is possible that your phone might not work so I created the ARHouse.APK and the image above to test your phone. If you print out the image above (non-glossy paper please) you can test your phone for compatibility.


Look for the QR code in front of the house on Halloween (or day the neighborhood trick or treats) to install the App needed to view the AR scene on the house.

Note to parents, it is rated E for everyone and is along the lines of “Scooby Doo” scary. So more silly than scary.