New course for Pluralsight: Camera Mapping for VR 

Augmented Reality Ghost

Lets face it, if there were ghosts, this is one you would want at your house. 

The "Ghost of Lost Candy"  rips on a dinosaur decoration, which might seem weird, but if you lived in the neighborhood you would know the reference. Here is a link if you want to see the dinosaur as it was being built.  

All the candy bars are created from photos of the wrappers. (Yes I had to eat them after I opened them) 

Last year I made an  augmented reality game demo that used projectors, infrared lights and a PC... and it rained, so this year everyone gets an app (and candy). 

For more information go to:

Here are a couple articles on the project:



AR House Trigger Image

AR House Trigger Image

Download the app and the AR House Trigger image above. 

Install and launch the app,  point your phone at the AR House Trigger Image and the AR scene will play. 

Click logos to go to write ups about the games tech. demo

Part video game, part building projection. This is a beta test of a large scale projected video game. The game matches the projection with the building. This is the first projected test to iron out the bugs in the camera mapping process, the projection alignment, and the gun targeting system (the gun is not in view but the infra red markers are visible in front of the house) More characters and AI are in the works.

Early demo of gun controller and ghost hit reaction. The gun needs to be over the top with lights, plasma, etc as to not look like a real gun in any way. I am not sure if this design is right, but it is what I am using right now.